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Thank you very much for visiting my website, my name is Egon and HB9CXK is an Amateur Radio (ham radio) call-sign. The hobby of amateur radio is interesting after more than 40 years and has undergone many technology changes over those years. Now with computer technology and the internet, amateur radio has been extended into the digital world. This combination is perfect for me. I can do both my hobbies (amateur radio and computing) together. Amateur Radio without Computers, in my opinion, cannot exist because nearly all Radio Amateur modes need a computer to operate effectively. Even the SSB/CW operators use a computer today, at least to log their QSO´s (contacts).
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Station information

Name:    Egon Amateur radio license:   CEPT class 1 (highest license class),                                        licensesd since 1974 Member of:           USKA, DIG#3183, EPC #2272, DMC # 1502 Equipment:          Transceiver YAESU FT-847 and FT-897                              long-wire antenna with Coupler Smartuner SG-231 Activity in:          SSB / PSK 31 / RTTY Locator (Grid):     JN47PM